Best Free Alternative Softwares.

There are many softwares in the market which are very costly and you cannot buy them, but still you need for daily use. Here are some alternatives for the daily use software which can replace them and are available for free.

Open office

This is a good alternative for Microsoft office, It has all the features like Spreadsheet, Word processor and presentation. It has all the features of Microsoft office, so you can use this software without hesitating. It will be good using it I guess.


This is best alternative CD burner software you can use it to write any kind of CD’s, it is totally free and quick. You can trust this software as much as you trust any other CD burning softwares

Daemon tools lite.

This is good software to mount virtual disk, you can mount a local file on the computer and use it like a CD/DVD with this software. It will be helpful when you need the CD/DVD compulsorily to run certain programs. You can store them locally and use them the time you want without carrying those CDs


People consider it as powerful Photoshop and use it alternative free, It is as much powerful as the Photoshop but still cost nothing at all. It is available for free. Totally Free. With many patters, gradient and sources available. Many tutorials also available online.

Media Player Classic.

Don’t go upon the minimal look of this player, with required codec pack installed this player is better than any player and more advance than the paid players. It can play any video formats smoothly and the quality is so much better than many other player. And still its free.

Top 10 free Computer applications you must be aware of.

These are Top 10 applications you must know
1) Foobar2000 Audio player:
Foobar2000 is advanced audio player which is light weight with less memory footage, it supports almost all audio formats. You will be amazed by its performance. Its more swifter than the normal windows media player. It is a gapless player with full Unicode support. You can customize user interference.
2) YouTube downloader:
There are many Paid YouTube downloaders out there in market, try this YouTube downloader for free. It supports all kind of quality video download from YouTube; even HD video download is supported. You can not only download the videos but also convert to Mp3 and also to other some video formats. Continue reading Top 10 free Computer applications you must be aware of.

HTML and CSS : Clean, simple and yellow Web template free Download.

I worked for few hours and made a simple and clean template, It is yellow with few images. Multi-coloumns , Everything coded in CSS and HTML, only two images are used. One as logo and another as Banner.

Click Here For Demo

Download Link Continue reading HTML and CSS : Clean, simple and yellow Web template free Download.