Access files from computer on android devices over WiFi

Your device may not have enough storage space to hold all your files you need, or maybe you just like to stream movies or music stored on your computer to your phone, or you can just see your documents you just updated on your computer in your android device. Then here is how you can do it, what you will need is a computer connected to LAN network and android device connected to same network over WiFi.

Download and install this File manager app from Google Play store on your android device.

And now check your computer”s IP, read HOW TO KNOW YOUR COMPUTER IP?[WINDOWS]

Now as you know your computer IP, note it down.

Now, open your Control Panel and Continue reading Access files from computer on android devices over WiFi

What to choose Windows 64 bit or Windows 32 bit?

64 Bit vs32 Bit

Well, Since 2005(I guess) Windows has been launching 32 bit and 64 bit versions of their OS’. They are bit different or may be you can also say they work differently. They were implemented to increase the capability of handling max Random Access Memory (RAM).

Choosing between Windows 64 bit and 32 bit is really a big decision, but you must be careful while choosing one.  These days all the newly bought computer systems are delivered with 64 bit OS, you know why? Answer is simple the 32 BIT operating systems were designed to support maximum of 4 GB RAM, where as 64 Bit OS will support 4GB and above.

So what should you choose?

The answer is. If you are having 4GB or more RAM, then to juice out every single drop out of it, you must install the 64 bit. 64 bit will let your hardware run at its max. If you are having less than 4 GB, you may give it a try.”

What will I be risking installing 64 bit?

As you know before 64 bit came out 32 bit was everywhere and people till today use those in high number, so the availability of software support for 64 bit is less than 32 bit, However many software run on both 32 bit and 64 bit without problems but some software don’t. So, you may have trouble finding the software compatible to your OS.

Not only that, the another problem is driver support, certain drivers may not support your 64 bit so the device may stop working, you will need to search perfect driver compatible to your OS.

What will I be Losing if I don’t use 64 Bit?

Well, you know the ability of handling maximum ram is better in 64 bit version, so the operating would be better and smooth. you will be losing this control.

These days many software are built to better use capability of 64 bit machines, so this would be great.

Beware, 64 bit operating system use more RAM than usual, The operating system will take one or couple of GB more than usual to store its operating system and software.

I am just a Gamer, will it matter for me ?

I have seen that many games run smoothly on both 64bit and 32 bit without any difference but I still think 64 bit is deserved by 4 GB + machines.

C program to Shutdown Windows 7

This C program will prompt to shut the computer as soon as executed.

Having Both Windows 7 and Windows XP installed at a time.

Well If you are a windows XP lover and still want the better advancements of Windows 7. Then why not install both of them? Yes windows allows to install two or more operating systems. It leave each other systems intact as long as you don’t install them on same partition.

To install two OS on same computer, You must have two different partitions. One for XP and one for Windows 7. Well, 70 GB each would be enough for smooth running.

For now Let us Assume that You have Windows 7 Installed on your computer(take it vice-verse if you installed xp already) . The Windows 7 Must be installed on C: (common thing) and now assuming that there is another partition D:(minimum disk space of 10GB). Copy all the important stuffs from D: if you have any cause we are going to format it to install the windows XP . Now after emptying the D: drive put windows XP CD into CD drive and restart the PC.

Make sure you have set First Boot Device as CD ROM, to do this you must edit settings in BIOS. You can enter BIOS setup by press DEL or TAB or F1 or ESC it really depends upon the computer. After enetering into BIOS setup menu choose Advanced Settings, in there must be First Boot device Setting set it to ” CD ROM” now save and exit.

Now Computer Must restart and it may ask if it should boot from CD? Hit any key to boot from CD. Now windows setup will start loading, after sometime the installation process starts, It asks in which drive to be installed here you choose drive D: , The drive which you cleared before. It starts formatting and after few secs it restarts on its own, and the setup continues, Complete the setup as usual. Remove the setup CD. Restart the computer, now you can set First Device to Normal from BIOS. But before the Window boots it gives you two options, Boot Windows 7 or The windows XP you choose whatever you want.

But remember Install the application appropriate to the operating system because you cant run all the application on both OS with single installation, you need to install them separately.  Try to keep ’em apart. Thank you.