Transfer files from host OS to guest OS in VirtualBox

Well, it is kinda complicated to transfer files between the Guest OS and Host Os using the VirtualBox, but i found a simple step to transfer file from Host OS to Guest OS easily.

All you got to do is create a ISO(Image) file in the Host OS which includes the files you want to send to Guest OS. You can use PowerISO or Daemon tools those freely available software, use them to make iso files.

Now lets see how to see open the iso files in guest OS (assuming that you have already created an iso file)

Go to Devices , CD/DVD Devices and click on Virtual CD/DVD Disk files

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A new window appears asking you to choose the disk file, Now navigate it to the Continue reading Transfer files from host OS to guest OS in VirtualBox

Extending Laptops Battery Life

You can use your battery for more longer than they usually run just by configuring you laptop in right way, we can start by making new power plan for laptop.

To create a new laptop power plan, click on the battery icon in the task bar and select “More power Options”.

Power plan for Windows 7

Or go to control panel and click on power options.

Power option window appears. Now click on “Create a power plan” on left side of the window. Continue reading Extending Laptops Battery Life