Top 10 free Computer applications you must be aware of.

These are Top 10 applications you must know
1) Foobar2000 Audio player:
Foobar2000 is advanced audio player which is light weight with less memory footage, it supports almost all audio formats. You will be amazed by its performance. Its more swifter than the normal windows media player. It is a gapless player with full Unicode support. You can customize user interference.
2) YouTube downloader:
There are many Paid YouTube downloaders out there in market, try this YouTube downloader for free. It supports all kind of quality video download from YouTube; even HD video download is supported. You can not only download the videos but also convert to Mp3 and also to other some video formats. Continue reading Top 10 free Computer applications you must be aware of.

Create a Multi-Columnar CSS layout

Creating multi-columnar website layout using CSS

Creating a multi-columnar site is easy using CSS. As we are just setting up a layout use of any graphics isn’t involved.

I have created blueprint for my site. Blueprints help you to name the objects easily and will give you idea about how to place them. It also lets you decide the size of objects. Continue reading Create a Multi-Columnar CSS layout