Things needed to setup Dedicated server at home

Here, today, we will see what are basic things needed to setup a dedicated server.

First, what are dedicated servers for? Dedicated server can be used to host your website or setup a game server or use it as an application server or just a file server. Big websites like MSN , Yahoo, Facebook and all don’t ask anybody for web space to host their sites, what they do is they install their own servers and use them to host their site.

But, why dedicated server? Dedicated servers are far better than normal hosting, having dedicated server is like having total tower of your own, in shared hosting where you get limited space, limited access to features, limited tools, limited everything. But, when it comes to your own dedicated server, you can do anything you want, install any Control panel, run any scripts, run any application, have many features as you want, totally customize your server and everything is under your control so you will be owner of your own. You can upgrade features anytime you want like storage capacity, RAM and all. You can monitor it by yourself, you can give your friends some space if you want, you are just like a master re-seller. Continue reading Things needed to setup Dedicated server at home