Now Track, Ring, Erase, Lock your Android devices remotely using Android Device Manager

Google has now allowed android users to lock, erase the data, ring, track their android devices remotely using the web. You can simply do it by logging with the same email id as used in android device and open this link,

google android device manger map


By default LOCK and ERASE Feature is disabled, casino You can enable it by going to

Google Settings -> Android Device Manger -> and Tick Allow remote lock and factory reset right. Remember after enabling it, use it carefully, you may end up losing everything on your device.

How To Install PHP & MySQL On CentOS 5 VPS ( LAMP)

Hi today i am going to tell you about how to install LAMP in ur VPS (linux)

First you have to login via ssh (putty) . Than u have to put the commands that i am writing below.

For Installing Apache type or copy the cmd

For Installing MySQL Database Server:

For Installing PHP

Install phpMyAdmin

Now use this cmd for restarting the httpd

Then to make user u installed right way create a .php (test.php)(/var/www/html/test.php) file in ur vps then put

Then go to yourip/test.php

You can see a php configuration info’s .

Demo :


Have ISO or DAA or any other files on computer and want to run use them as disk without burning them to the DVDs? that’s easy with tools like PowerISO or Daemon tools, They both are available for free.

I am using PowerISO cause I found it easy, Daemon tools is also popularly used you can use it, I will show how to use a ISO file like an DVD Rom here.

First download and install PowerISO from here:

PowerISO Homepage Continue reading Virtual CD/DVD/BDRAY ROM

Creating Google compatible XML sitemap

Creating Google compatible XML sitemap

You want to create a sitemap on your own? Which is compatible with the Google? Then I will show you how to code your xml sitemap for your site.
The rules for the sitemap is, it must begin with <urlset> and end with </urlset> and rest of all code goes with in it. Include url in <url> tag, the location is given in <loc> which is child of the <url>.

And there are optional tags available you can use like <lastmod>, <changefreq>, <priority>.You can use them if you want to or else you can just skip them.

Here is example code for sitemap. Continue reading Creating Google compatible XML sitemap

Samsung Galaxy Ace – DDKQ8 (2.3.6) Available.

New Update is Available for Indian SGA Phones finally, It is Android 2.3.6 which has many bug fixes and it also seems like battery performance is improved. I seen a new lock screen, Samsung replaced the older version lock screen with simple and easy lock screen. I also seen that the performance of the phones has improved, it is faster than before, Less lags, better graphics performance and some icons replacements too. Totally I agree that the update makes your phone work better and you wont regret for it. Continue reading Samsung Galaxy Ace – DDKQ8 (2.3.6) Available.