Google Has Released Latest Android 4.4.3 Factory Images For Nexus Devices

Much awaited version of Android 4.4.3 has rolled out for nexus line devices, it can soon be updated to your devices on-Air or if you don’t want to wait until it comes to your region, you can download yourself the factory images and flash them to your devices.

google factory images android 4.4.3


Link to download

Reminder : You must know that if you flash images, you will lose all the data stored on device, so back up everything before you perform the operation.

Creating Google compatible XML sitemap

Creating Google compatible XML sitemap

You want to create a sitemap on your own? Which is compatible with the Google? Then I will show you how to code your xml sitemap for your site.
The rules for the sitemap is, it must begin with <urlset> and end with </urlset> and rest of all code goes with in it. Include url in <url> tag, the location is given in <loc> which is child of the <url>.

And there are optional tags available you can use like <lastmod>, <changefreq>, <priority>.You can use them if you want to or else you can just skip them.

Here is example code for sitemap. Continue reading Creating Google compatible XML sitemap