Now Track, Ring, Erase, Lock your Android devices remotely using Android Device Manager

Google has now allowed android users to lock, erase the data, ring, track their android devices remotely using the web. You can simply do it by logging with the same email id as used in android device and open this link,

google android device manger map


By default LOCK and ERASE Feature is disabled, casino You can enable it by going to

Google Settings -> Android Device Manger -> and Tick Allow remote lock and factory reset right. Remember after enabling it, use it carefully, you may end up losing everything on your device.

Latest Android Factory Images for nexus devices.

Here are android factory images for nexus devices, these are useful if you have flashed with any other roms like AOSP , Cynogenmod or other android custom roms and you want to return back to the factory rom.

You will need fast boot tool to install factory image.

(HOW to use fastboot to flash android factory images on nexus devices, tutorial coming soon)

here you can find factory images :