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Long lasting DVD Burning

We all want to save our precious data, those loved music and enjoyable Videos on DVD. But, does DVD last for at least 5 years as promised? no, they sometimes stop working just after a week of burning, that”s worst. All the loss we face is cause of our negligence, we can do many things to make them last long,…

Download and save content from web to local storage using PHP

You may want to automate the task downloading files from the web or remote area to your local storage space, you can use the PHP for this purpose. It can be done by using the code below.

fopen() : this function is used to open the file in specified mode. There are several file open modes in php. ‘r’…

How To Install PHP & MySQL On CentOS 5 VPS ( LAMP)

Hi today i am going to tell you about how to install LAMP in ur VPS (linux) First you have to login via ssh (putty) . Than u have to put the commands that i am writing below. For Installing Apache type or copy the cmd

For Installing MySQL Database Server:

For Installing PHP

Install phpMyAdmin

Secure your WordPress blog with simple settings and addons

You are tired of spam comments and etc? then do change some settings which will stop your site from being spammed. Under Settings->Discussion Setting, Apply these settings. Enable “comment author must fill out name and e-mail”, this will make user to fill out the name and email before they post the comment, this will considerably reduce the spammers. “Users must…