What RAM means to the phone and myths about it.

Everybody is desperate to buy a phone with preferably more RAM. There were days when 256 MB of RAM was more than enough for a phone to work well. But, now even 1 GB can lag the hell out of any phone. Why is that? Well, the answer is simple. As time passed on, the apps developed and got bigger and bigger, they went on adding features and the size of applications got bigger.

It is known fact that when an application is requested to run, first it is transferred to the RAM and only then everything else takes place (because, RAM is fastest place in computation to access and dump the data required in operations). But what if the memory is not big enough?  Then the memory takes in app’s files in part by parts and load them as per requirement, but this transfer needs the time, this is when you experience the lags. Had the RAM been more in size, the required files would’ve already been loaded into the Memory and everything would run smoothly.

Well alright, now the question is how RAM helps in multitasking ?

To answer that, consider this scenario, you are running multiple applications at a time, when you switch between these apps the one which goes into the background enters  into suspended mode. When in suspended mode, the app data has to be saved somewhere, because when you go back to app you don’t want the app to be restarted from scratch. So, it stores all its data some place. If this place is phone internal storage, then you know when you return to this app it has to read the complete data from the storage and transfer itself to RAM before it becomes functional, this takes a lot of time, this is where you see the switching lags.

And there are also scenarios where you see apps being shutdown but not resumed. Yes, that happens when you have used up all the RAM and there is no more memory to store data, in that case OS chooses to remove that app from memory and execution line, completely shut it off to run current required apps with higher priority or recent use. And some are resumed but they take time to load. And also there is limit to use the hard disk space as storage for files from RAM.

Another question, can applications still lag even after having big enough RAM?

Yes, totally. It must be seen that those files in memory must be handled real well and done with right timing. So, if the processor isn’t powerful enough and Memory management isn’t well designed then the apps should lag.

So, what do we learn from this? We learn that memory size doesn’t always matters, the bigger the better. But, it also should is understood that the excess memory that isn’t handled well by CPU is just a waste. And also the Memory Management factor affects the performance very much.

Ok, Now the serious question ! Does keeping many apps running in RAM or MEMORY cause battery drain?

Well, to be specific, Yes and No.

How yes and how no? Well if you run applications that are active all the timing computing something and always connected to internet, keeping radios active. Then hell yeah, they gonna drain battery.

But if there are apps that aren’t CPU hungry and doesn’t utilize internet that much, then there is no or very little difference with battery usage.

And powering 100 MB RAM, 1.1 GB RAM or all the RAM module all cost the same amount of charge as rated by the manufacturer. So, it doesn’t matter how much is used or free, it uses same power. It is all dependent on kind of apps it has in it.

What is this theory about Don’t close apps for the sake of decreasing RAM usage, it will cause battery drain?

We know if apps are already in the RAM then there is no extra procedure to perform to put them in action. And also we learn’t that apps don’t drain battery if they are in RAM unless they keep working in background.

Now, it is to be understood that if we transfer files between RAM and storage there are some calculations to be done. This calculations cost CPU cycles, hence also charge of the battery. So, whenever you close an app and restart again, it is erased from memory and re-read into RAM. So, that costs charge. If you know that any app you are going to close is to be accessed soon again then better leave it in background. It will do no harm.

If you are worried that it will clog the memory space. Don’t worry, as I said earlier, OS clears the app which have remained inactive for longer time and replaces it with current required ones.


Now access your WhatsApp on computer’s browser.

Whatsapp has introduced a new feature, Whatsapp web, using which we can access our Whatsapp on our computer to send and receive messages right from the browser.

How does it work?

All the messages and contacts on our phone are accessed by the Whatsapp server and is shown back to us in plane HTML interface on simple browser.


What are pros and cons?


  • You can access same number at once on both phone and computer without any problems.
  • Doesn’t need any special software to be installed, except for browser.


  • You cannot use Whatsapp on computer only, i.e you cannot remove the WhatsApp app from phone and access that number directly on computer.
  • Internet on phone has to be active in-order to make this thing work.



How do I do it?

It is real simple, all you have to do is update Whatsapp on your phone to latest version and perform the following steps. Continue reading Now access your WhatsApp on computer’s browser.

Extend a partition using unallocated space from any volume

If you are trying to extend volumes in a hard disk, then it is necessary that the unallocated space has to be lying next to the volume which is to be extended. But what if you want to extend another volume? which is not allowing you to extend the volume. There is a very solution for this, we can use MiniTool Parition Wizard Home Edition to do this.

Let’s see how we can do it.

First download and install the application software from the official site (Version 8.0 and above is recommended).
MiniTool Parition Wizard Home Edition

Now , Install it and run it.

partion wizard home


As you can see there is 3.51 GB of unallocated space below the drive D, which I was unable to use to extend the drive C using default windows partition manager. But it can be really easily done using this application.

To extend C drive am clicking on C: using right mouse button and a drop down menu appeared.

partion wizard home drop menu

And then, I will choose Extend, A new dialogue box will appear asking from where the free space is to be used. From drop down list choose Unallocated space and click ok.

drop downlist partision wizard home

Now,  Apply changes by clicking on Apply Button from the top left side of window. And then when it asked to Apply pending changes click yes.

top left, apply , home partition wizard

apply changes


Then the process will start, and it asks you to restart the computer after it, you allow it to restart. Then before the computer boots the window, it process and merge the drive with the unallocated space. Tadah, over.


Create your own WordPress theme from scratch [Part 3]

In last part we have coded index.php and header.php,  here we will code content.php, this page will display the posts and search results, and posts under categories, pages , etc.

here is the code for content.php

The above code looks to0 complicated, let me break it for you line by line. Continue reading Create your own WordPress theme from scratch [Part 3]

Access files from computer on android devices over WiFi

Your device may not have enough storage space to hold all your files you need, or maybe you just like to stream movies or music stored on your computer to your phone, or you can just see your documents you just updated on your computer in your android device. Then here is how you can do it, what you will need is a computer connected to LAN network and android device connected to same network over WiFi.

Download and install this File manager app from Google Play store on your android device.

And now check your computer”s IP, read HOW TO KNOW YOUR COMPUTER IP?[WINDOWS]

Now as you know your computer IP, note it down.

Now, open your Control Panel and Continue reading Access files from computer on android devices over WiFi

Create your own WordPress theme from scratch [Part 2]

Here is a basic theme idea, how the things are gonna be arranged in the theme.

basic wordpress theme layout

First, create a empty folder in wordpress’s main directory -> wp-content -> themes, name the new folder as testtheme.

Now create a new css style sheet named style.css and add the below code to it and save it to empty folder of theme.

That css page adds the description and info about theme to wordpress dashboard, that code basically works as theme description. Now, you can see that your new theme is available to be activated from dashboard. Don’t activate it yet, as there no other files in the folder except for the style.css page. Continue reading Create your own WordPress theme from scratch [Part 2]

Beginers! step into advanced level programming.

Have you just completed basic programming? you can create simple programs? that is not enough, world expects experts. So, don”t stop at that level, you got to push yourself to next level, start programming more advanced and complicated things. Improve your coding standards.

How do you do that? Here are somethings you can do to improve yourselves with coding.

DRY programming

DRY(Do not repeat yourself) programming. This method means that you must avoid writing the same code over and over again. This reduces the file size and also increase standard, performance, readability, and adaption of the program. This is the one thing that will make you look very professional.

How to do this? well, you must start learning functions and OOP(Object-oriented-programming) programming. This will help you to avoid the repetition of code.

Maintain neatness

Neatness is one thing most needed in programming to make others understand what you have done. It will be impossible to other to trace your steps of the program, not only others maybe also for you, if you don”t maintain neatness and organization.

If possible, leave comments, it won”t eat much space!!! . Comments help others and you to know what that certain part of code does in the program, it will be of a lot of help if it is a big program, it will be easy to get back to coding without checking hundreds of lines and your personal dairy.

Use frameworks, plug-ins, external libraries

You don”t have to write everything from zero, there are people who are willing casino online to give you their works for free to use. All you have to do is edit it according to your needs and add some of your lines, that”s all.

Frameworks, these are programs or scripts which are meant to be linked to your code. When you link them, they have already written function which you can access easily in your code. They ease the coding  processor and also have performance optimizers. If you are not to approach OOP, then this would be a fine solution.

Plug-ins, plugins are same as the framework but it is a simple single function, it does only one or some related things. It is also linked to your program and accessed.

External libraries, these are libraries for programming languages. These are are directly inserted into programming language. when you think your programming language doesn”t have certain abilities then you must find libraries for it.


How to install both Python 2.x and Python 3.x on same computer

Many people try to go to Python 3 but they got to keep up with Python 2 because of lack of support and not all plugins and mods are yet updated to Python 3. So if you want to install both version and execute both version scripts correctly, here is the trick.

First download both Python 2.x and Python 3.x and install them as usual, there won’t be any problem with it. During the installation choose different folders as installation directory for both. I have installed them in same drive and it looks like this.

Installing python 2 and python 3In folder Python27 is Python 2.7.1 and in folder Python33 is Python 3.3

You can execute python script with python 3 by entering ” C:\python33\python.exe scriptname.py ” in command prompt window and you can execute python script with python 2 by entering ” C:\python27\python.exe scriptname.py

Or if you want to execute them in command prompt window without much path typing Continue reading How to install both Python 2.x and Python 3.x on same computer

Extending Laptops Battery Life

You can use your battery for more longer than they usually run just by configuring you laptop in right way, we can start by making new power plan for laptop.

To create a new laptop power plan, click on the battery icon in the task bar and select “More power Options”.

Power plan for Windows 7

Or go to control panel and click on power options.

Power option window appears. Now click on “Create a power plan” on left side of the window. Continue reading Extending Laptops Battery Life

Download and save content from web to local storage using PHP

You may want to automate the task downloading files from the web or remote area to your local storage space, you can use the PHP for this purpose.

It can be done by using the code below.

fopen() : this function is used to open the file in specified mode.

There are several file open modes in php.