What RAM means to the phone and myths about it.

Everybody is desperate to buy a phone with preferably more RAM. There were days when 256 MB of RAM was more than enough for a phone to work well. But, now even 1 GB can lag the hell out of any phone. Why is that? Well, the answer is simple. As time passed on, the apps developed and got bigger and bigger, they went on adding features and the size of applications got bigger.

It is known fact that when an application is requested to run, first it is transferred to the RAM and only then everything else takes place (because, RAM is fastest place in computation to access and dump the data required in operations). But what if the memory is not big enough?  Then the memory takes in app’s files in part by parts and load them as per requirement, but this transfer needs the time, this is when you experience the lags. Had the RAM been more in size, the required files would’ve already been loaded into the Memory and everything would run smoothly.

Well alright, now the question is how RAM helps in multitasking ?

To answer that, consider this scenario, you are running multiple applications at a time, when you switch between these apps the one which goes into the background enters  into suspended mode. When in suspended mode, the app data has to be saved somewhere, because when you go back to app you don’t want the app to be restarted from scratch. So, it stores all its data some place. If this place is phone internal storage, then you know when you return to this app it has to read the complete data from the storage and transfer itself to RAM before it becomes functional, this takes a lot of time, this is where you see the switching lags.

And there are also scenarios where you see apps being shutdown but not resumed. Yes, that happens when you have used up all the RAM and there is no more memory to store data, in that case OS chooses to remove that app from memory and execution line, completely shut it off to run current required apps with higher priority or recent use. And some are resumed but they take time to load. And also there is limit to use the hard disk space as storage for files from RAM.

Another question, can applications still lag even after having big enough RAM?

Yes, totally. It must be seen that those files in memory must be handled real well and done with right timing. So, if the processor isn’t powerful enough and Memory management isn’t well designed then the apps should lag.

So, what do we learn from this? We learn that memory size doesn’t always matters, the bigger the better. But, it also should is understood that the excess memory that isn’t handled well by CPU is just a waste. And also the Memory Management factor affects the performance very much.

Ok, Now the serious question ! Does keeping many apps running in RAM or MEMORY cause battery drain?

Well, to be specific, Yes and No.

How yes and how no? Well if you run applications that are active all the timing computing something and always connected to internet, keeping radios active. Then hell yeah, they gonna drain battery.

But if there are apps that aren’t CPU hungry and doesn’t utilize internet that much, then there is no or very little difference with battery usage.

And powering 100 MB RAM, 1.1 GB RAM or all the RAM module all cost the same amount of charge as rated by the manufacturer. So, it doesn’t matter how much is used or free, it uses same power. It is all dependent on kind of apps it has in it.

What is this theory about Don’t close apps for the sake of decreasing RAM usage, it will cause battery drain?

We know if apps are already in the RAM then there is no extra procedure to perform to put them in action. And also we learn’t that apps don’t drain battery if they are in RAM unless they keep working in background.

Now, it is to be understood that if we transfer files between RAM and storage there are some calculations to be done. This calculations cost CPU cycles, hence also charge of the battery. So, whenever you close an app and restart again, it is erased from memory and re-read into RAM. So, that costs charge. If you know that any app you are going to close is to be accessed soon again then better leave it in background. It will do no harm.

If you are worried that it will clog the memory space. Don’t worry, as I said earlier, OS clears the app which have remained inactive for longer time and replaces it with current required ones.


Things needed to setup Dedicated server at home

Here, today, we will see what are basic things needed to setup a dedicated server.

First, what are dedicated servers for? Dedicated server can be used to host your website or setup a game server or use it as an application server or just a file server. Big websites like MSN , Yahoo, Facebook and all don’t ask anybody for web space to host their sites, what they do is they install their own servers and use them to host their site.

But, why dedicated server? Dedicated servers are far better than normal hosting, having dedicated server is like having total tower of your own, in shared hosting where you get limited space, limited access to features, limited tools, limited everything. But, when it comes to your own dedicated server, you can do anything you want, install any Control panel, run any scripts, run any application, have many features as you want, totally customize your server and everything is under your control so you will be owner of your own. You can upgrade features anytime you want like storage capacity, RAM and all. You can monitor it by yourself, you can give your friends some space if you want, you are just like a master re-seller. Continue reading Things needed to setup Dedicated server at home

What to choose Windows 64 bit or Windows 32 bit?

64 Bit vs32 Bit

Well, Since 2005(I guess) Windows has been launching 32 bit and 64 bit versions of their OS’. They are bit different or may be you can also say they work differently. They were implemented to increase the capability of handling max Random Access Memory (RAM).

Choosing between Windows 64 bit and 32 bit is really a big decision, but you must be careful while choosing one.  These days all the newly bought computer systems are delivered with 64 bit OS, you know why? Answer is simple the 32 BIT operating systems were designed to support maximum of 4 GB RAM, where as 64 Bit OS will support 4GB and above.

So what should you choose?

The answer is. If you are having 4GB or more RAM, then to juice out every single drop out of it, you must install the 64 bit. 64 bit will let your hardware run at its max. If you are having less than 4 GB, you may give it a try.”

What will I be risking installing 64 bit?

As you know before 64 bit came out 32 bit was everywhere and people till today use those in high number, so the availability of software support for 64 bit is less than 32 bit, However many software run on both 32 bit and 64 bit without problems but some software don’t. So, you may have trouble finding the software compatible to your OS.

Not only that, the another problem is driver support, certain drivers may not support your 64 bit so the device may stop working, you will need to search perfect driver compatible to your OS.

What will I be Losing if I don’t use 64 Bit?

Well, you know the ability of handling maximum ram is better in 64 bit version, so the operating would be better and smooth. you will be losing this control.

These days many software are built to better use capability of 64 bit machines, so this would be great.

Beware, 64 bit operating system use more RAM than usual, The operating system will take one or couple of GB more than usual to store its operating system and software.

I am just a Gamer, will it matter for me ?

I have seen that many games run smoothly on both 64bit and 32 bit without any difference but I still think 64 bit is deserved by 4 GB + machines.

Tools To Run Another OS Virtually In Another OS.

Are you having craze of testing all OS? or You just want to stick to an OS but still be using another OS for small time to complete few tasks, then you can do it. Yeah, as we know being advanced user, we can’t only depend upon Windows or Mac. There are many other OS emerged which are very dedicated for development and programming purpose. Linux is also needed for android ROM development, as we know. And to setup android kitchen on windows OS is totally Impossible. But windows lovers cannot live without it, so what to do?

There are few software’s which can virtually run an OS on another running OS. It just runs as if it is an normal application. The only disadvantage of this method is that it consumes a lot of RAM and a lot of processing, of course. This method good if you just want to run simple programs in the Virtual OS, like example Programming or testing codes.

Few programs which enables this are VirtualBox, Virtual PC, VMWare. These are all I Know, For more, search yourselves(Good Luck).

Virtual Box can run any OS and seems cool enough to me, I haven’t tried any other Virtualizer( 😉 ). Virtual PC is by Microsoft so it is mainly focused to run Windows OS so I don’t suggest it to you if you want to run Unix,Linux,BSD and other similar OS.

PROXY Server, What is it?

A proxy server is a server which works as a medium between the client and the web server. These servers let you use their server address to reach the website you want, in a way they won’t let your identity get disclosed. It’s very helpful when you want to browse sites anonymously or just want to browse a site where you IP are blocked. Continue reading PROXY Server, What is it?