Beginers! step into advanced level programming.

Have you just completed basic programming? you can create simple programs? that is not enough, world expects experts. So, don”t stop at that level, you got to push yourself to next level, start programming more advanced and complicated things. Improve your coding standards.

How do you do that? Here are somethings you can do to improve yourselves with coding.

DRY programming

DRY(Do not repeat yourself) programming. This method means that you must avoid writing the same code over and over again. This reduces the file size and also increase standard, performance, readability, and adaption of the program. This is the one thing that will make you look very professional.

How to do this? well, you must start learning functions and OOP(Object-oriented-programming) programming. This will help you to avoid the repetition of code.

Maintain neatness

Neatness is one thing most needed in programming to make others understand what you have done. It will be impossible to other to trace your steps of the program, not only others maybe also for you, if you don”t maintain neatness and organization.

If possible, leave comments, it won”t eat much space!!! . Comments help others and you to know what that certain part of code does in the program, it will be of a lot of help if it is a big program, it will be easy to get back to coding without checking hundreds of lines and your personal dairy.

Use frameworks, plug-ins, external libraries

You don”t have to write everything from zero, there are people who are willing casino online to give you their works for free to use. All you have to do is edit it according to your needs and add some of your lines, that”s all.

Frameworks, these are programs or scripts which are meant to be linked to your code. When you link them, they have already written function which you can access easily in your code. They ease the codingĀ  processor and also have performance optimizers. If you are not to approach OOP, then this would be a fine solution.

Plug-ins, plugins are same as the framework but it is a simple single function, it does only one or some related things. It is also linked to your program and accessed.

External libraries, these are libraries for programming languages. These are are directly inserted into programming language. when you think your programming language doesn”t have certain abilities then you must find libraries for it.


How to install both Python 2.x and Python 3.x on same computer

Many people try to go to Python 3 but they got to keep up with Python 2 because of lack of support and not all plugins and mods are yet updated to Python 3. So if you want to install both version and execute both version scripts correctly, here is the trick.

First download both Python 2.x and Python 3.x and install them as usual, there won’t be any problem with it. During the installation choose different folders as installation directory for both. I have installed them in same drive and it looks like this.

Installing python 2 and python 3In folder Python27 is Python 2.7.1 and in folder Python33 is Python 3.3

You can execute python script with python 3 by entering ” C:\python33\python.exe ” in command prompt window and you can execute python script with python 2 by entering ” C:\python27\python.exe

Or if you want to execute them in command prompt window without much path typing Continue reading How to install both Python 2.x and Python 3.x on same computer