New good smart phones under 20k Rupees

Many smart phones have been released and all phones are not affordable, but here are some good and affordable phones available to buy. The price range is very less, about to 20,000 rupees.

Lets start with

Samsung Galaxy Grand GT-I9082

SAMSUNG galaxy grand duos


Holding this phone up in your hand is almost same as holding a Galaxy S4. It has same screen size as S4, that is 5″ touch screen, and it has a resolution of 480×800 pixels. The phone is powered up with a Dual-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A9 processor, and has 1 GB of ram, which would decently run any application without a lag. This phones comes with a 8MP rear camera which also supports full HD video recording @30 fps. It has a front camera of 2MP, which is really good. Grand has an internal memory of 8 GB and also can be expanded Continue reading New good smart phones under 20k Rupees

SEO for Bloggers.

SEO isn’t that easy for web bloggers. Making pages look good in search engines is harder than anything, they keep swinging from first page to the hundredth page. So, bloggers usually keep researching on the web to keep the ranks higher. They get lucky sometimes, most of the times they are failed. Well, not because they didn’t try hard but sometimes they have to make changes on their own web to make it more SEO friendly. Here are somethings you can before posting on your blog.

seo for bloggers

Tags, Tags, Tags

Tags speak everything for SEO sometimes. You must be really good at choosing tags. Choose tags which are related to your posts and also very popular or common. For example, if I write about an car, I would tag it under “cars”,”brands”,”name-of-the-car”, not only these but, “mileage”,”smooth running car”,”new car”, etc.

Though your page does not has the search term, your page will be showed up in search engine if it has tag which matches the term . So, always choose a tag that is common or popular.

Use Images wherever possible

Use images in the posts wherever possible, and give alternative sensible names to the images  because images also drive a lot of traffic to the blog, if you post some appropriate image with right name, who knows, you may drive thousands to your site easily.

Ping back your previous articles,

If there is something you written already related to currently being written articles then you must mention them. Because, when you mention the articles again they get re-crawled and they get a bit boost of SEO, which is a good thing.

Keep up the posting frequency,

You must maintain the posting frequency, if you stop posting even for a week your blog may jump back to many pages behind. So, never miss an opportunity to post something on your blog.

Maintain originality

Original articles are found to be more focused and most easily reached. Powerful and unique articles are good way to attract users.



Create a side hover menu for your site with pure CSS

Create a nice and attractive side hover menu for your website with pure CSS. It will let you store menu items in it and only show when user move the mouse towards any edge of the screen. Here I am creating a left-sided menu.

Lets first prepare a HTML page with menu,


Now lets start playing with css styling, Continue reading Create a side hover menu for your site with pure CSS

Username availability checker with PHP and jquery

Do you want to tell users while registering if the username they have typed into input field is available or is taken already before they submit the form? Well, it can be easily done with PHP and jquery, it takes no more than few lines.
Username availability checker with php and jquery

 First set a HTML form like this and save it as form.html

Do not forget to attach jQuery script, because it is where the magic lies

Now set up the php page, it is the place where the username availability will be checked

Code goes like this

Continue reading Username availability checker with PHP and jquery

Create a nice, attractive, and simple drop menu using HTML/CSS and JQuery

Create a simple and attractive looking drop down menu using HTML/CSS and JQuery with very less code.

First, lets create a html code for the menu, code looks like this:


Without any css code the above html code result will be like this.
NO CSS/Jquery HTML menu
Continue reading Create a nice, attractive, and simple drop menu using HTML/CSS and JQuery