Read this before you google “Free web traffic exchange”

I know people are in real hurry to get their website or blog up and running with five digits traffic in no time, they spend all day and night on researching the best ways to get free or permanent traffic to their blog of site. Well, I don’t blame them. Actually, I have done that too. But, now I have learnt what is really needed to get a high traffic. If I be honest, I am haven’t been successful at getting high traffic yet. But, my experiments have given me enough knowledge, so I want to share it with you and enlighten you.

Everybody know how fancy has Google got, we get suggested the keywords we are about to enter before we complete. That’s truly nice of Google. No doubt Google gets higher traffic than any site does in this world. Well, some newbies to reach Facebook they type the URL in Google search bar. I know it’s hilarious. But, it’s true, my friends do that, I have watched them do it.

Well, let’s not get lost with fun, we are getting back to topic. Today I was about to search about free blog traffic. Today, I had planned to see if there something I can do to put my blog in first page of Google. I got many suggestions from Google suggestions. Among them one was free traffic exchange. Continue reading Read this before you google “Free web traffic exchange”

Custom URLs to make your website more url friendly

Everybody hates those code filled web URLs, which are hard to remember, and tough to represent. URLs also mean much for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) , I am sure people don’t like to compromise with Search Engine Optimization(SEO) ranks. Well, there is solution for every problem. You can create desired URLs that redirect to any page you want.

How to do?

You will edit .htaccess file such that it redirects every URL to a PHP page, this PHP page will read the entered URL and take you to the right page.

Like this to

Lets start coding

we will edit .htaccess file here,

Write that in a file and save it as “.htaccess” (period “.” as prefix) in the main directory.

what does that code do? That is an apache server configuration code, whenever the URL is entered and queried, the above code checks if the file or destination exists only if the file doesn’t then the server will take it to the handle.php

 NOW, create a MySQL table like one below.

 Name the table anything you want, here I am naming the table as link_s.

Now create a PHP page named handle.php and save it in main directory, Continue reading Custom URLs to make your website more url friendly

Make Horizontal list with CSS/HTML

Here is how we can make a horizontal list with CSS(Cascading Style Sheet) and HTML (Hypertext Markup Language).

Lets first prepare a HTML code for list.

Now is CSS style sheet attached to it :

The “float : left ; ” is the main line which makes lists align side-by-side.

[How to] Hide “.php” file extension and beautify your URLs using .htaccess mod rewrite rule

Everybody likes SEO friendly and user friendly URLs, to customize the URLs you have to configure your Apache server and

Please remember, mod_rewrite should be enabled in Apache configuration in order to make this work. URL remapping should be done carefully, if any wrong changes are done then, whole website may stop working.

First, Lets see how can we redirect simple URLs like

From to

lets break it down,

This code “RewriteEngine On” above enables the rewrite_mod , so we can write redirect the pages.

The above line says the server that, when someone tries to reach “something.html” on local server, then take them to the new place “http://www.example/path/something.html

this symbol is used to tell to start matching the url
this symbol is used to tell to stop matching

So anything you write between and $ will be considered as pattern to be matched.

Now, Lets make Dynamic URL SEO Friendly

 you can make look like

by saving this in htaccess file

here as you can see I have used (.*) , this will preserve whatever is present in it and then it can be used again in future. 

( ) is used to preserve anything for future use and  (dot) is used to match any single character. is used to match the previous character for one or more times.

So anything typed where (.*) is present can be accessed by using $1 $2 so on.

Hide .php extension with .html

You can hide .php extension with .html and make it more SEO friendly, here is how to do it.


 This code here will redirect anything you type after domain, to

The code above works as condition, this condition first checks if the file already exists.

Above condition checks if the directory exists in that name.

If both conditions are false, then the code below executes.

this code redirects to its .php extension, like to

(will be updated soon, keep reading)

What will happen if everyone uses ad blockers?

I know it is great joy to have a clean website with no ads. Many people want to get rid of ads, they think its good thing to do. But, it also true that the website needs money to run their site and the ads are the only source of their income. Not only that, there are many things that may become unavailable to you when you block ads.

First, there are many great apps on the android market, many apps take breathe away, they amazingly do the tasks we want, they are available for free, they don’t ask you anything. But, when you block those tiny ads in that app? what will be the profit from the Continue reading What will happen if everyone uses ad blockers?