[How To] Make .htaccess file to work on wamp server

By default the htaccess files don’t work on the wamp server, you will need to configure the wamp to make it work.

 First, start the wamp server. Then, left click on the wamp server icon in the icon tray.Wamp icon tray

Now a menu appears, Now move to Apache  then click on httpd.conf .

wamp apache httpd.conf


Now a text file opens, find a line

and now remove the “#” from it and save the text file.

It should be like this

Restart the wamp server and now the htaccess file must be working fine now.

Things needed to setup Dedicated server at home

Here, today, we will see what are basic things needed to setup a dedicated server.

First, what are dedicated servers for? Dedicated server can be used to host your website or setup a game server or use it as an application server or just a file server. Big websites like MSN , Yahoo, Facebook and all don’t ask anybody for web space to host their sites, what they do is they install their own servers and use them to host their site.

But, why dedicated server? Dedicated servers are far better than normal hosting, having dedicated server is like having total tower of your own, in shared hosting where you get limited space, limited access to features, limited tools, limited everything. But, when it comes to your own dedicated server, you can do anything you want, install any Control panel, run any scripts, run any application, have many features as you want, totally customize your server and everything is under your control so you will be owner of your own. You can upgrade features anytime you want like storage capacity, RAM and all. You can monitor it by yourself, you can give your friends some space if you want, you are just like a master re-seller. Continue reading Things needed to setup Dedicated server at home

Somethings You Must Worry About, When It Comes to Web Site Performance

It is not easy to design a best website. There are many websites online which load in a blink of eyes and also there are sites which take whole day to load, you have to be wise while designing them to make them good site.

We can improve your site performance by changing simple things, some might be hard but not as hard as you think. First thing to remember, the page with too many images isn’t a good page, it eats a lot of bandwidth and takes too much time to load obviously. So, try to avoid images as much as possible, like use CSS, use it for replacing images.

If you are a die hard fan of Photoshop web designs then consider converting PSDs into Xhtml/CSS, because direct outcame websites from Photoshop have too many images and loading such sites on slow connection is true time eating task. When you convert a PSD to Html/Css design there are a lot improvements in speeds and images can be avoided as much as possible. If images are really that needed then you better optimize those images, after optimization there will be a little decrease in size and also some quality will be lost, but this is only the best way to keep unavoidable images and decrease your site loading time.

Other than images, the problems may also occur in the form of incomplete script or improper scripts. Forgetting to close the function in the web scripts or running the scripts without end will make websites load for ever, some scripts are so heavy that it totally slow down the website and make loading take about 2 to 3 minutes. So, be careful while coding the web scripts, they matter while we think about website performance.

Some people like to frame content from one site to another, but when a site which is linked in is down, the site will look ugly with a error page and before that it take much of time to load too. So, try not to frame a lot of content from different sites, that’s just welcoming troubles.

If your site has a content which runs more than 4000 words then probably you should break the page into pages, because not only loading takes time but it becomes hard to scroll through content and it is less readable. Breaking into pages not only improves performance but also increase the beauty and organization.