How to install both Python 2.x and Python 3.x on same computer

Many people try to go to Python 3 but they got to keep up with Python 2 because of lack of support and not all plugins and mods are yet updated to Python 3. So if you want to install both version and execute both version scripts correctly, here is the trick.

First download both Python 2.x and Python 3.x and install them as usual, there won’t be any problem with it. During the installation choose different folders as installation directory for both. I have installed them in same drive and it looks like this.

Installing python 2 and python 3In folder Python27 is Python 2.7.1 and in folder Python33 is Python 3.3

You can execute python script with python 3 by entering ” C:\python33\python.exe ” in command prompt window and you can execute python script with python 2 by entering ” C:\python27\python.exe

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How to reset BIOS from motherboard

Have you changed your BIOS setting while trying something new with your computer and it isn’t booting anymore? sometimes we can’t even open BIOS setting, like when we mess up with Memory settings. Then, we can reset the BIOS settings and revert all setting as factory defaults. There are two ways reset BIOS settings from motherboard, it will need you to open your computers cabin.

Displacing the jumper.

Turn of your computer, Unplug the power cable and open the cabinet. Find a jumper near the BIOS chip or CMOS battery where it written “CLR CMOS” as shown in above pic.

There are three pins in that jumper, the jumper is connected to 1st and 2nd pin, 3rd one is left out, now what you have to do is take jumper out and put it back so that it joins the 2nd and 3rd pin. Now plug the power cable and start the computer, now you should be able to open BIOS setting, Reset all your setting , save them and shut the computer down. Now, put back the jumper to the default position( i.e it joins 1st and 2nd pin) and start again the computer, you should not have problems anymore. Even if this doesn’t work, then

Second Method : CMOS battery reset

CMOS Battery on mother board

Well, if you couldn’t find the CMOS jumper near, then probably to reset the BIOS all you have to do is take out the BIOS battery.

First turn of the computer, take out the battery, wait for few minutes and then put back the battery. Now, the BIOS should be reset. It should now be a “GO”. Start your computer and check it.

Creating and attaching virtual hard disk in Windows.

Virtual Hard disk is really important in Virtual computers field. So, let me show how to create a virtual hard disk and attach it in windows.

First, open start menu, then right click on computer. Now, a menu appears, select manage from there.

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Long lasting DVD Burning

We all want to save our precious data, those loved music and enjoyable Videos on DVD. But, does DVD last for at least 5 years as promised? no, they sometimes stop working just after a week of burning, that”s worst. All the loss we face is cause of our negligence, we can do many things to make them last long, some things I know are.

Always Burn DVD at lower speeds

I know everybody is in hurry to go out and enjoy there life, don”t ever hurry in situation like this. DVD burning at first stopped by California Adventure where they hung out at Cars Land, then went for an elevator ride on the Hollywood Tower of Terror. maximum speed is kinda like thrashing DVD. You”ll waste a lot of DVDs to burn some data successfully. The probability of success of burning is more when the DVD is burnt at lowest possible speed. So, may it take a bit more time but it will burn DVDs more better, and will last for long time.

  • Where to preserve them
    1. Buy nice covers, plastic covers do best
    2. Don”t place them near any magnetic materials, like T.V, Radio, Receivers
    3. Place DVDs vertically, not horizontally.
    4. Don”t let DVDs get deep scratched, small scratch don”t harm đŸ˜‰
    5. Keep them away from the dirt, they do a lot of harm.
    6. Don”t let them get over heated.


Setting system variable path

You may want to directly access the apps in Command Prompt without entering whole path,

Example : Assume you have installed python 3 in “C:\python3\” , to access it in command prompt window you will need to enter whole path “C:\python3\python.exe“. But, if you have set path in windows, you will need to enter only “python“. That’s all, nothing more nothing less.

Open windows control panel, then select system or you can press pause/break key holding windows key. Now, the system information window should have been opened.

Windows system Information

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