The All New Nexus 7 Tablet from Google.

Google has rolled out new tablet Nexus 7 into the market and it is doing well, It is not only the slimmer tablet but also gives the best at the lower price. It is being recognized for its thinner size and lower price, it gives a best performance and better graphics even with that affordable price tags.

It has 7″ display with resolution of 1280×800 px with scratch resistant Corning® glass. It can play High definition movies very smoothly. It is completely idle for gamers cause its totally built-for-gaming it has NVIDIA® Tegra® 3 quad-core processor and gyroscope sensor, accelerometer and a 12 core GPU totally makes it a freaking gaming platform. A special technology is adapted to turn on the processor only when online casino needed to make it more battery efficient.

Not only that it comes with Google”s latest Android Jelly Bean(4.1) installed which is not available for update for many tablets yet. it makes it more beautiful and better ease to use tablet. The battery? It has ability for 10 hours of browsing and 300 hours of stand by time which wont make you charge again and again.

The devices come with 8GB inbuilt for $200 and 16GB at $250 which is really less when compared to other with same specs at $500. soon it would be hitting Indian market too.

Start C/C++ Programming.

C/C++ are in demand programming language these days. Though it is a very old invention, it is still being used and it has a big base. These days people like to program for hobbies and they build their own softwares for their purposes, You can do too. It is easy to learn and use and it available for totally free.

First Download The IDE(Integrated Development Environment), Why IDE? well IDE are powerful softwares for the programmers with built in automation tools which will reduce you job and increase the functionalities. It has built-in Code editor, compiler, so you wont be dependent on individual softwares for such needs. It has GUI( Graphical User Interface).

So there are Many IDE for C/C++ but the three major IDE’s of all are Eclipse, NetBeans and CODE::BLOCKS, of these all I use CODE::BLOCKS ’cause its easy to use and has simple UI, it depends upon you which one you choose, NetBeans and Eclipse are major and outgrown IDE on the stage.

Eclipse IDE Download.

eclipse IDE
Download Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers Here.

Download The Right version for your Computer.

NetBeans IDE DownloadNetBeans IDEThere are many Versions available to download.choose the right version or  Click here for direct download.

Code::Blocks Download.

Download the Code::Blocks with mingw(A c++ compiler) it is need to have inbuilt compilation function.


Another Simple Looking Co-operative Website PSD Template[Release].

Here is another Template.

Click Here to Download.

Best Free Alternative Softwares.

There are many softwares in the market which are very costly and you cannot buy them, but still you need for daily use. Here are some alternatives for the daily use software which can replace them and are available for free.

Open office

This is a good alternative for Microsoft office, It has all the features like Spreadsheet, Word processor and presentation. It has all the features of Microsoft office, so you can use this software without hesitating. It will be good using it I guess.


This is best alternative CD burner software you can use it to write any kind of CD’s, it is totally free and quick. You can trust this software as much as you trust any other CD burning softwares

Daemon tools lite.

This is good software to mount virtual disk, you can mount a local file on the computer and use it like a CD/DVD with this software. It will be helpful when you need the CD/DVD compulsorily to run certain programs. You can store them locally and use them the time you want without carrying those CDs


People consider it as powerful Photoshop and use it alternative free, It is as much powerful as the Photoshop but still cost nothing at all. It is available for free. Totally Free. With many patters, gradient and sources available. Many tutorials also available online.

Media Player Classic.

Don’t go upon the minimal look of this player, with required codec pack installed this player is better than any player and more advance than the paid players. It can play any video formats smoothly and the quality is so much better than many other player. And still its free.

Few Steps to Keep Your Computer Safe.

These days threats to computer security has increased. There many forms of security to hacks, they can attack your computer via simple web pages to softwares that you use everyday. So you must be aware of steps to be taken before you be victim to these hacks , security cracks and virus attacks.

People blindly use the computer, they don’t check the sources they get files from, mainly the free stuffs online are the basic target to seed viruses. People easily get attracted to such free stuffs and unknowingly they become victim to the viruses, spywares,malwares. And there are some also few sites which ask you for credit card infos to get free stuffs, never be fooled by such sites. Some people don’t like spending the money on the softwares, so they just choose to torrents and warez etc. But are they aware of the danger that may be caused by using the torrents? The seeder or uploader can easily plant the virus into your computer via that. If you are not using any good Antivirus softwares then your computer will be easily overwhelmed by those viruses.
Some things you can do yo prevent all these is , you can use services like they have very elastic options which makes your surfing totally secure. They block you from reaching malicious website which may harm your computer and you can have parental lock on which blocks adult sites, still they are absolutely free for personal use.

Antivirus, always use a antivirus software that is most trusted. There are few antivirus which are already virus, They claim to give free virus scan when you download it, it shows false report that there a such many viruses so you must buy that antivirus full version to remove those threats, but the thing is that now that antivirus is itself a virus, it becomes almost impossible to even uninstall that kinda softwares so, keep away from such antivirus, confirm before and verify online before you download them.

If you can’t afford to buy a antivirus, then try Avast Free, AVG free , Avira Free antivirus software they can be trusted. Always keep the antivirus definitions up to date if you are a regular internet user.

Always download free softwares from trusted websites only, Never download free stuffs from any sites you want, only download from official websites if available. This will keep you off the hook.