[How To] RIP DVD or CD movies to smaller size.

You want to RIP DVD movies to just 500-800 MB and store them in computer? Well, it’s way too easy. You wont need any external hardware or any special computer for that, all you need is just a simple converter software. I am using MediaCoder HQ which is free and powerful as far as I know.
Today, We will learn how to convert a DVD or CD movie to a single compressed file while keeping its quality good enough.
First you download Media Coder from here http://www.mediacoderhq.com/download.htm
Choose the right edition for your computer, If yours is 64bit Version then download 64bit one or if it is 32bit one choose 32bit one to download. The selection of right version really matters. 
After completion of download install it as usually you do with any other applications, It must be easy.
Now Open the Media Coder and under the File Menu choose Add file, add all the files related to the movie in serially(I meant from beginning to end if the unordered file adding is done then the movie will really amaze you :D)
Here I have added two files of two CD in right order select the both files holding “ctrl” key, and then right click on them and select “Group” or press key “G” holding “ctrl” key.

Grouping files in Media Coder.
Grouping files in Media Coder.

Now select the “Video” tab and apply these setting.
Video Bit rate =>768 kbps. ( you can try lower bit rates if you believe you can get good quality with it, remember the lower the bit rate is the smaller the size if video and the more detail is lost.)
Format => H.264 (That is the format I use because it gives very good quality and is best in competition with others, You may try others but you wont get the same good quality at such lower bit rate.)
Video Setting For Media CoderOn the right side of it set these,
Profile => “auto
Level => “5.1“( The Higher the better quality you get and this is the highest at present I guess)
Preset => “Slow” (The slower it is the better quality is output)
B-Frames => “4” (3-5 recommended , the higher is the better)
Ref-Frames => “5” ( 3-6 recommended, higher is better)
Remember the more better quality settings you apply the more time it will take to convert video.
X264 settings for Media CoderNow Move to “Audio” tab,  and choose the settings as below.

Format => LC-AAC ( This format because audio sounds better even in small size or less bit rate to say.)
Rate Mode => Target Bitrate( This will keep bit rate under certain limit)
Bitrate / Quality => 76 kbps ( Believe me, The audio will still be sounding as good as it was even with such low bit rate)Audio Setting for Media Coder.Now Move to “Container ” Tab
Container => MKV or AVI or MP4.
Container setting for Media CoderNow to The “Picture” tab.
Color Space => “Original
On the Right
Auto Level => “Full Range”
Denoiser => “HQ 3D
Deblocking => Check both “Horizontal” and “vertical”.
Picture setting for Media Coder
Now we are done with editing conversion setting, click Start now to start conversion process, it may take few hours,it depends upon the file size, file resolution and length.

The output quality must be as good as the one before but with smaller size. Good Luck.

Having Both Windows 7 and Windows XP installed at a time.

Well If you are a windows XP lover and still want the better advancements of Windows 7. Then why not install both of them? Yes windows allows to install two or more operating systems. It leave each other systems intact as long as you don’t install them on same partition.

To install two OS on same computer, You must have two different partitions. One for XP and one for Windows 7. Well, 70 GB each would be enough for smooth running.

For now Let us Assume that You have Windows 7 Installed on your computer(take it vice-verse if you installed xp already) . The Windows 7 Must be installed on C: (common thing) and now assuming that there is another partition D:(minimum disk space of 10GB). Copy all the important stuffs from D: if you have any cause we are going to format it to install the windows XP . Now after emptying the D: drive put windows XP CD into CD drive and restart the PC.

Make sure you have set First Boot Device as CD ROM, to do this you must edit settings in BIOS. You can enter BIOS setup by press DEL or TAB or F1 or ESC it really depends upon the computer. After enetering into BIOS setup menu choose Advanced Settings, in there must be First Boot device Setting set it to ” CD ROM” now save and exit.

Now Computer Must restart and it may ask if it should boot from CD? Hit any key to boot from CD. Now windows setup will start loading, after sometime the installation process starts, It asks in which drive to be installed here you choose drive D: , The drive which you cleared before. It starts formatting and after few secs it restarts on its own, and the setup continues, Complete the setup as usual. Remove the setup CD. Restart the computer, now you can set First Device to Normal from BIOS. But before the Window boots it gives you two options, Boot Windows 7 or The windows XP you choose whatever you want.

But remember Install the application appropriate to the operating system because you cant run all the application on both OS with single installation, you need to install them separately.  Try to keep ’em apart. Thank you.

Tools To Run Another OS Virtually In Another OS.

Are you having craze of testing all OS? or You just want to stick to an OS but still be using another OS for small time to complete few tasks, then you can do it. Yeah, as we know being advanced user, we can’t only depend upon Windows or Mac. There are many other OS emerged which are very dedicated for development and programming purpose. Linux is also needed for android ROM development, as we know. And to setup android kitchen on windows OS is totally Impossible. But windows lovers cannot live without it, so what to do?

There are few software’s which can virtually run an OS on another running OS. It just runs as if it is an normal application. The only disadvantage of this method is that it consumes a lot of RAM and a lot of processing, of course. This method good if you just want to run simple programs in the Virtual OS, like example Programming or testing codes.

Few programs which enables this are VirtualBox, Virtual PC, VMWare. These are all I Know, For more, search yourselves(Good Luck).

Virtual Box can run any OS and seems cool enough to me, I haven’t tried any other Virtualizer( 😉 ). Virtual PC is by Microsoft so it is mainly focused to run Windows OS so I don’t suggest it to you if you want to run Unix,Linux,BSD and other similar OS.

Faster Video Conversion With Intel Media HD.

The new version of MediaCoder has the support for Intel Media Acceleration, which means if you don’t have Nvidia CUDA technology to accelerate the Video conversion then you can still use the Intel Media acceleration to accelerate the video conversion.

I have tried it and the conversion rate was amazing,

This is a very good news for ATI Graphic processor users Like me.